Sierra's Trumansburg "Truman"

Truman is one of the cutest little guys you'll ever meet.  He's as playful and happy as can be and is incredibly easy going.  Truman is one of those guys where everyone who comes to visit asks 'who is that?'  just becuase he really stands out!  Truman is just bubbling over with personality and can be described as a 'look at me kind of guy'. Truman is the 'Brad Pitt' of Cavaliers since everyone wants to know who he is and stops to admire him!  And, his pups are just like him! 

In terms of size, Truman is about 19lbs and stands around 13 inches at the withers and is about 13 inches long.  Overall, he's turned out to be a fabulous little guy who is a real attention getter!