Rachel's Mandana "Mandi"

Mandi is a little girl with lots of things on her 'to do' list.  She has lots of energy and loves to run and play and tends to set the pace for our other girls.  She manages an activity list each day and tends to get a lot done!  She's never at a loss for racing around out doors and finding new adventures!

She is beautifully colored as a blenheim and is one of our bigger girls.  She and Sydney are at the higher end of the standard in terms of size and weight topping the scales at around 20 pounds and stands about 13 inches.  Mandi is also VERY affectionate and likes to be cuddled constantly!  Her puppies are also big snugglers.

Think of Mandi as wanting to wear a velcro suit and you being the velcro---she's a lover!