Sierra's Dreas "Dreas"

Dreas is very special to us in so many ways.  First and foremost, she is the first tri-color puppy we've kept from any of our breedings (Sydney/Austin).  The best way to describe her personality is to say that 'the dreas' is beautiful and she knows it!  She certainly has the cavalier attitude of entitlement mixed with tremendous affection and personality.  She is extremely outgoing but still maintains that 'she is beautiful and entitled to only the best'.  I'm assuming that she's been doing some reading about her breed and understands that she was bred for royalty.  Ironically, Dreas' personality doesn't stray too far from her namesake.  The name 'Dreas' is a derivative of our beautiful and perfect little love, Andrea(Andreas).  Dreas has HUGE shoes to fill, to live up to Andrea, in her role as one of our girls at MLC.  So, I guess she's been getting pointers from the ultimate diva herself! Dreas stands about 12 inches at the withers and weighs about 16lbs.