From: Mark and Mary R.

Hi Michelle & Steve,

I am writing to send you Oliver's castration certificate (see attached) and to give you an update on our boy.  I can't thank you enough for giving us such a great dog!  Oliver will be one year old in less than a month.  He is such a faithful companion and such a joy.  He is another member of our family and we only wish we had done this earlier.  But then we wouldn't have Ollie!  Ollie is our first dog and we couldn't have asked for an easier dog to train.  After we brought him home he transitioned very quickly to going to the bathroom outside.  We've taught him how to sit, lay down, spin, speak and stay.  He also knows how to tell us what he wants!  We ask him questions and when he answers with a bark or a whine, we know that is what he wants - it's amazing!  

Thanks again!

The R.'s

From: Allison, Matthew, Kathy, and Arthur H.

    In December 2016, two days before Christmas, my family went to pick up our two new family members: Chloe and Brewster. Chloe is a blenheim girl and Brewster is a tricolor boy, and they are from the same litter. Today (April 13, 2017) is their half birthday, and we have had them for nearly four months. The time has flown by, but at the same time I feel like I’ve known them forever. I grew up with a cavalier, so I was no stranger to the wonder of cavaliers, but there is something so special about having twins. It’s double the work but also double the joy. They are best friends and they love to play together, and they are also very bonded to us. There is no better feeling than having them climb on me and give me kisses in a “double puppy attack”. Cavaliers are such a wonderful breed that you almost can’t go wrong, but our puppies are just beyond wonderful. They are so incredibly friendly and they bring joy to everyone they meet, and especially to us. They light up our lives every day, and we will be forever grateful to Steve and Michelle for helping to bring them into the world. 



From Holly H.

Penny is the most popular dog in Park Slope Brooklyn! She is very friendly with people and dogs, and she has many many friends. Being Penny's Mom has made me popular, too! 

 Penny is 13 months old now. She is very eager to please and training her has not been difficult. Best of all, Penny is my best companion. She is very devoted to me and she likes to stay close if not touching me most of the time. In this way she is different from other dogs that I have had, and she is exactly what I was hoping for. She is also very good with my six year old Himalayan cat, Dumpling. I live in a coop building and a few of my neighbors have small children and Penny is very gentle and they all love her. They offer to take her for a walk!

I am very happy that I adopted Penny from Michelle and Steve. They were so great to work with - they sent me a lot of updates and pictures and were always available to answer questions. When I went to pick up Penny it was very obvious that they love all their dogs. It was wonderful to meet Penny's parents and to see the place where she was born.

I am so grateful to Midlake Cavaliers for bringing Penny into my life. She is the best dog ever.

Oh, and let me also add that Penny is quite beautiful. She has a nice long snout and does not have bug-eyes.


From Gayle, Jerry, Diane and Shannon S.

Dear Steve and Michelle,

I wanted to wish you both a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!

We experience happiness and joy every day because Monty is in our lives, and we thank you for the work you have done to bring such an angel to life. He is our lap baby of course, but he is a great little fellow to everyone he meets. Monty was a star at obedience school, learning to be a mannerly gentleman. All the things you warned us to be aware of were so true. He would fly off with every Butterfly he encountered, he would clear the environment of ALL plastic he ever found, and of course focus can only be attained with patience. Monty can take most toys apart in 8 minutes......3 min. is his record. No dog ever loved toys more. The rope-toy you sent home, though often replaced, is still a favorite.

We have kept him on the same brand of food, gradually transitioning to adult food when the time was right. He was just weighed this week when he had a kennel cough shot. He weighs 18.1 lbs. 

Thank you both so much.


From Veronica O.

Archie and Violet are doing just great- they are the best of friends, always cuddling and sleeping with each other (or on each other) and then run and chase and wrestle.  We couldn't love them more and can't imagine life without them both.

Archie has grown into a very sweet although playful pup.  I can't believe he's 10 months old and He is bigger than Violet by about an inch or so in height and weighs in at a little over 17 pounds and she's about 16.  For awhile she could out tackle him, but those days are gone!

They are both healthy and have had no issues over the past year--we are very blessed and everyone who meets them just loves them!!  Hope you both, your family and all the dogs are doing well!

(Archie and Violet are siblings from the same parents a year apart:  Jordan and Drake)


From Jeannie and Charlie L .

We cannot say enough GREAT things about Michelle and Steve Persse and Midlake Cavaliers!  In 2010 they guided us in adopting Monty, a one year old at the time we brought him home as a companion for our then 8 year old Blenheim Harry. We were very nervous about bringing a second dog home. Michelle answered all our questions (and there were many) in a friendly, professional, no-pressure manner.

Having looked at many Cavalier breeder websites in the past, I appreciated their discussion/pictures of their show dogs,  dog ancestry – however, Michelle and Steve are dedicated and committed to the health of the breed but know that their prospective families need lots of practical information on making the decision to welcome a Cavalier into their home, and then additional support raising a puppy. They offer both – on their website as well as in person!

The area in their home where the moms and dads and puppies live is pristine – clean, bright and welcoming. The adult dogs have a wonderful piece of land where they get to play and run. More than once during a visit I got to see Michelle and Steve’s daughters interacting with one of the puppies, and each puppy gets a lot of love and attention.  All the Mid Lake Cavaliers are very much a part of the family!

In December of 2013 my dream came true when I finally brought my 1st MLCA puppy home. The Persse’s were as usual always in touch with photos as we waited for the day our tri-color girl was ready to come to her new home. They were very accommodating to our pick-up needs given the time of year.  Molly is a beautiful, well socialized girl and Monty is very happy to again have a companion as our beloved Harry left us last year.  Of note is that we obtained Harry from a breeder we never met and he suffered health problems all of his life. Monty and Molly have been deemed perfectly healthy (and gorgeous) by our Vet. Michelle has been available as a resource during these first few puppy months – but we don’t need to call on her often since Molly is perfect – well socialized, healthy and most of all happy!

Once you decide that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the only breed you will ever own (we have) look no further than Mid Lake Cavaliers. You won’t find a more reputable breeder, or cuter and healthier Cavalier puppies!

From Sharon B.

It was a positive experience from the initial contact until we brought her home Jan 18, 2014.(and after we brought her home)  We did a lot of research on Cavaliers and what to expect from a good breeder and Steve and Michelle fit all the criterion from the first phone call to pick up.  We were never rushed when on the telephone, at the home visit and all our emails were answered promptly.  Being able to meet the mother and father of Pixel plus seeing where the puppies are born and raised gave an even more positive feeling about Midlake Cavaliers. They are raised in the house with the family not in an outside facility.  We live close so we did get to visit Pixel when she was six weeks plus and had her first vaccination.

Also we were sent many pictures while we waited for her to be big enough to come home.  If anyone is considering a Cavalier Michelle and Steve make this a most positive experience both before and after bringing the  puppy home.

Our vet has confirmed that Pixel is a very healthy puppy.

For us she is a affectionate, smart, lovable puppy and we are grateful to Midlake Cavaliers for her.  We have and will continue to recommend Steve and Michelle to those interested in a Cavalier.


From Donna P. & Sam S.

Best.Dog.Ever. from the Best. Breeders.Ever. We are huge fans.You bring intelligence and caring to how you breed your dogs. I can not say enough!

Skater has grown so fast and...... he likes the water! He has had five swims over July 4TH holidays.I'll send pictures next weekend when we are back in Quogue.

We are so grateful.

Thank you. Donna & Sam


From Sarah F.

Just wanted to leave a strong recommendation for Michelle and Steve, from whom we got our beautiful little puppy Oscar. They were so awesome to deal with—from the very first inquiry email I sent to the day we picked Oscar up and to a few questions about training we've had since bringing him home. It's rare to meet people who genuinely care about what they do and the little lives they create—the fact that the contract has a clause about not breeding their puppies is proof. Everyone who meets Oscar not only comments on how beautiful and healthy he is, but also how sweet and fun—surely a compliment as much for us as for the way Michelle and Steve brought the little man into the world. Would never choose another breed, or another breeder for that matter. They're just great.


From Donna K.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michelle and Steve Persse and Mid Lake Cavaliers since 2008 when I purchased my first Cavalier. In 2009 I purchased another puppy from them.

 What has been most evident to me is their love and passion for their dogs. They are very careful to place the puppies in caring and loving homes. This isn’t just a business to them. They want to make sure it’s just the right fit for the family and the puppy.

My relationship with Mid Lake Cavaliers didn’t end with the purchase of my two puppies. Raising them was new to me and Michelle has always been helpful with any questions or concerns I’ve had and she’s always interested in how the puppies are doing.

 Both Maggie and Molly Rose have excellent health and my veterinarian has told me it’s due to their careful breeding.

 They also have a Lifetime Guardian Guarantee which is another example of their commitment to the dogs long after they’ve been sold.

 I would highly recommend Mid Lake Cavaliers to anyone looking to purchase a Cavalier. You will be thoroughly impressed and satisfied!


From Diane K.

I just wanted to thank you for the world's most wonderful doggy.  She is perfect! So cute and SMART! She is already completely housebroken(we think)It's amazing.  She loves to play...and run around the kitchen like a maniac! and then, just like that, she's calm and happy, settling on a fluffy blanket contented with her chew toy. She loves being outside...hopping in the snow and is just soooo adorable! I just wanted to let you know that she is doing well, is very well loved and appreciated...and the vet said she's perfect! Thank you for bringing this wonderful little puppy girl into the world for us to love and enjoy! Hope you are having a beautiful holiday season...This little girl has made ours very special this year.

All best,

From Jill Mc.

Matt and I can’t thank Michelle enough for changing our lives.  We are madly in love with Oliver!  He brings so much love, laughter and, of course, cuddling to our family. As we started our search for our second Cavalier, we were very skeptical.  We came across many breeders who seemed to treat their puppies solely like a business transaction - they did not seem to have their puppies well being in mind.  From the moment we browsed through the Mid Lake website we were impressed.  After spending  a few minutes on the phone with Michelle, I knew Mid Lake was the right match for us.  I wanted Michelle to ask me questions and get to know who we were and our lifestyle because this meant she cared about where her puppy was going to live, and she did.  I wanted to know that our puppy spent the first few months of his life with a family who loved and cared for him, and he clearly did.  Oliver has grown into a beautiful, smart, healthy boy, and Michelle has been there for us every step of the way.  I bombard her with pictures of Oliver and updates on how he’s doing and she always responds quickly and is eager to hear about his progress.  Oliver has quite the personality!  He loves playing and snuggling with his big brother, Patchie, and is happy to give you a high five if you ask for one.  I would never even think of going through another breeder for my next Cavalier.  I highly recommend Mid Lake to anyone interested in welcoming one of these amazing dogs into their family.  Thank you again!


From Joan and Bob S.

Once we decided that we wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I went to a kennel near my home.  They had a beautiful tri-colored Cavalier.  I knew something wasn't right knowing they had over one-hundred puppies.  That is when I realized that they were probably getting these puppies from puppy mills.  That is when we started looking on the web. 

 It is with great pleasure that my husband and I write this about Michelle and Mid Lake Cavaliers.  We were very lucky to have been searching the web for a Cavalier and found Mid Lake Cavaliers.  We were attending the Syracuse graduation in May so I called Michelle.  Michelle had two puppies still available from Sydney and Taz's February, 2009 litter.  She was very happy to have my husband, son, daughter and me come to her house to meet "Steven." 

 When we got to Syracuse, we made an appointment to meet "Steven."  Michelle observed us as we played with the puppies to make sure we would be a good fit.  Steven was the one we wanted.  From all the Cavalier breeders I spoke to, breeders want to make sure their puppies go to the right homes.  We fell in love with "Steven" immediately.  He was running around playing.   We picked up Steven  graduation day.  Michelle had food, instructions, toys and a book ready to go.  He still even sleeps with the toys he came home with.

 We have since named him "Jackson."  He is the best Cavalier ever (I am sure all Cavalier owners say that)!  He loves other dogs, people,  to walk, play, sleep cuddled next to someone, and eat!  He especially loves attention.  We take Jackson every where we go.... 

 I have emailed Michelle on occasion, and she always gets back to me within 24 hours.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.  She truly loves all her dogs.  Everything that people have said in their testimonials is very true.  A puppy that you get from Mid lake Cavaliers is loved and cared for from their first day. 


Joan & Bob S.


From Linda and Tom C.

We were lucky enough to scoop up our little Carly (aka Sharon Stone)from Taz and Sydney's Feb 09 litter. 

 She is now 7 1/2 months old and a happy, healthy and confident little girl with a perfect temperament.  She’s gorgeous, too! Can you tell we love her 

 Puppies from Mid lake are raised as members of the family.  The care given to them is outstanding.  Michelle invites you into her home to see exactly how they are raising and interacting with all the puppies and adults.  Michelle is so patient as we asked a million questions and returns calls and emails right away.  Videos of them growing are posted often so you can see your pup in action as they are experiencing new things.  You could not ask for more.


Tom & Linda C.


Dave and Linda B.

David and I would like to express our utmost thanks and appreciation for the wonderful experience you provided us with in “adopting” our beautiful Cavalier – Samantha. The experience that began in late July and continued until Saturday, September 27, 2008, when we picked Samantha up and brought her home, was all that we had hoped for and more.

Just a few of the things that impressed us and made this such an enjoyable event were:

· Your friendly, patient, and understanding manner in answering any and all questions we had.

· Your same day response to our phone calls and E-Mails was very reassuring

· Allowing us to visit Samantha and to bond with her from the time she was 2 weeks old – as well as getting to meet her parents ( Taz and Sydney) and getting to know them too.

· Your website is FANTASTIC and provides so much useful information and updates. Your knowledge of Cavaliers and dogs in general is amazing! ( We still check to see how all the other puppies are doing)

· The personal updates, photos, and growth charts of Samantha gave us a sense of how she was doing between visits, and made us feel that we were there and a part of the process.

· Your puppies are raised inside your beautiful home and are a part of your family not “products”

· Your concern and love for your dogs is obvious in everything you do, and the puppies reflect this. They are familiar with normal household sounds and routines as well as everyday interaction with humans who love them.

· The “Goodies” you sent us home with, (puppy food, snacks, toys, Vet treatment records, etc.) were wonderful and very helpful.

This list could go on and on – but the main point of this letter is to let you know how thankful we are for the well adjusted, happy, and very healthy (Vet Approved) puppy we brought home. We are well aware that this is because of all you do and your love of animals. We feel very lucky to have had this experience with you.

If you choose to, please feel free to share this letter with others so that they too can be lucky enough to have this marvelous experience,

Thank you again for everything,

Dave and Linda B.


From Peg & Milt H.

Just wanted you to know how much we love both of our girls, Emma(a Blenheim) and Fannie(a Tri-color). They have been such a joy to us. They are so sweet tempered and loving.

They caused quite a stir at the vet when we went for their checkups and shots...everyone just can’t get enough of them. I have been singing your praises everywhere I go and anyone asks about our girls. I was sitting in the car one day waiting for my mom to get her shopping done. Emma was sitting on my lap looking out the window when one by one people would stop by and just fell in love with her. She attracted quite a crowd!!!!

I don’t know anyone who would have gone that extra mile to e-mail pictures of not one but two pups since they were born. That was pretty amazing and helped the weeks go by faster as we watched them grow. You have been very supportive and helpful with any questions we have had. You welcomed us into your home anytime we wanted to see our babies.

Milton and I couldn’t be happier with these two adorable girls. I will be sending you more pics as they grow.

Thanks so much, our family is complete...well maybe a “Ruby Cavalier could be squeezed in if you decided to start breeding

Peg & Milt H.


Sharon F.

My family and I are very happy with our puppy! He is all we could ever hope for in a Cavalier and more! We came across Midlake Cavaliers website when we were researching the breed. The video clips on the web site instantly caught my attention and we fell in love with the new litters of puppies! We immediately contacted Mid lake Cavaliers and Michelle was very professional and addressed all of my questions and concerns.

They are very knowledgeable of the breed so Purchasing our puppy was a very positive experience. Michelle makes getting in contact with her very easy weather it is by e-mail or phone calls. We were always given updates on how our little guy was doing too.

When we picked up our puppy, my family and I were astounded by the environment in which the puppies were being raised. The puppies were being nourished in a in a very clean, and affectionate environment.

They introduced me to my puppy and my puppy's parents. This was a educational experience for all of us. Most people that we have talked to say that meeting the parents is very important and I am glad that we were given that opportunity. It was truly an exciting and rewarding experience. It is very obvious that all of their puppies now and in the future will be hand-raised with the same love and care. Our puppy has been been vet checked and is happy, healthy and full of personality. Without giving it a second thought I would repeat this whole process!

We just wish we had enough money to buy all the puppies in the litter! Midlake Cavaliers I'll be back for more! Thank you!

Sharon F.